Did you know that vehicle batteries are the biggest cause of vehicle breakdowns?

Holding charge ready for when you need to get your vehicle started, typically, your battery has a lifespan of anywhere between 3-8 years. We always check batteries as part of a service and can also check it at your request.

Battery technology has changed over the past 10 years, with their composition moving away from the old lead acid content to new gel type batteries, which better aid modern vehicle start-stop systems.

Not surprisingly, the winter months can be the most demanding on your battery, with the greater power draw requirements required for cold weather starting, and greater use of lights and heating. So it is no surprise that this is the time of year when the majority of battery failures occur. To help maintain trouble-free motoring, we highly recommend that customers have their batteries tested before the winter months commence, this can also be carried out as part of our seasonal safety checks.

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